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2004-08-15 04:54:06 (UTC)


ok wow lots has happened since the last time i did this its
crazy!!! ive met todd my sister and tyler. ill explain
about all the guys names dont worry. but so everyone knows
my sister, Laura, and her boyfriend, Casey, had there baby
on July 28,2004 at 6lbs 12 oz. 20inches long at 7:55 PM.
which is very exciting to i have a nephew! OH and his name
is Rylen Addison Clarke!!! and she had her baby shower on
the 12th so like 2 days ago which was fun but im sure it
would ba a mans hell haha!! it was fun though she got so
much stuff we couldnt fit it all in the echo wh had to call
my dad to take the rocking chair she got!! its soo cute
though!. and before i get to the guys becasue suspence is
always good! i got a job! i work at nottingham sobeys at
the deli its not very glamorous but hey its money and its
not to bad i guess....u get used to the smell of lunch but about todd and tyler i met todd on msn he is
a very nice boy and kayla has also met him and i think shes
the only one out of my friends that has. and tyler some of
u may already know but im dating him now for like 2 days
only now but he asked me out last saturday so like a week
ago. and the most annoying thing is tha day he asked me out
both tasha and kayla were gone tasha was coming back the
day after and kayla left the day before what a day to
leave!!! almost like they planned it but its all good so im
dating someone know so all the people that read these and
find be irristable (i think cant spell) your just to slow
becasue im taken but for how long im not sure and im kinda
worried about it but if u really wanna know why u can ask
but otherwise thats a keep to yourself thing. but until
next time!!!!LUV ALL YALL!!! haha megan

P.S. i just wanted to make it so that u can actually scroll
down on my message i was one line short haha

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