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2004-08-14 21:12:36 (UTC)

I Don't Do Camping

Life is hard enough as it is. Why in the world would I want
to go out into the wilderness and make it harder? There are
some comforts of home I'm just not willing to give up. They
include a soft bed, avoiding insects, spiders and other wild
animals, a toilet that flushes, hot and cold running water,
and electric lights. Oh, I know people go camping and have
all of those things but I don't consider that really
camping. It's play camping--like camping in your backyard
in a tent when you're a kid.

No, if I go out into the woods I'd rather just go for a
picnic and then home again. That's enough nature for me.
My favorite summer evenings are not spent by a campfire out
in the middle of nowhere. They're spent sitting out on the
deck with John. We sip our glasses of wine, listen to the
wind rustling in the trees, watch the sky above us darken
and the stars come out and talk quietly or enjoy the
stillness. It's much more pleasant, don't you think?