Nick's Journal
2004-08-13 15:44:22 (UTC)

My Philosophy

i was privileged enough to finally get to go back to
the "vaterland" this summer. while there i was able to
hike through the alps for a day. nothing really inspires
you more than the slow evolution of small mounds of dirt
becoming something extraordinary. walking between the
cows and breathing non-polluted air, kind of gets your
head cleared, and while in this state i thought of how i
should view my life for at least the next coming years of
my life.
i was never deluded into thinking that people will flock
to me because i graduated from college, truthfully that is
a horse beaten to death by a society who realizes the
folly of it's own educational system. you see here any
moron can go to college as long as he's not retarded, then
you dick around for 2 years in non-major related courses,
and finally get a 2 year entrance level education. those
people who fly through american college really are just
those who want to learn, basically college is what high-
school is in europe. it weeds out those who want to learn
and progress their education. the rest get a job after
college and make about 40,000 a year. anyhow, finishing
undergrad is like getting an erection. anyone can do it,
and everyone just wants to see what you are capable of
doing with it, just not in their domain.
so i always figured that with the way the world goes and
the way the blabbocrats yell at me every day from cnn,
that i should basically lose all faith in that which i
hold on to. moral views are nothing but relative and at
best subjective idiosyncracies of each culture, and the
greatest folly a culture can do is push their views on
another (iraq war).
but then i think beyond that safety net. it is almost
offensive if you think about it. "they feel it is alright
to behead people because of simple infractions, that's
their thing". it's almost as if saying that they are not
capable of higher thought. i know this is based on the
assumption that not killing people is a measure of how
much you value life and further more a sign of your own
integrity, but i'm willing to make that assumption. and
of course there are also those who say, "well we are
terrorists too, look at what we do to people, we kill."
that escapist, circumnavigatory argument borders along the
negativism on which most potheads advocate
marijuana..."but cigarettes and alcohol are legal".
most people argue for the sake of argument and they are
the ones who don't really have a concrete stance, so
therefore they have to pull out the anomaly and base a
tattered, tainted view of correction based on folly
my philosophy is simply this. we are always beset by
evil, corruption, those who wish to hurt us and those who
thrive on antagonism. we can always see the hatred and
unsensical despicable ordinance of our society. bad
things happen to good people, and a lot of things happen
that we just can't understand. you take into account the
adversity that you always have to face (including your own
prejudices) and just forge a path of optimism.
optimism is not just a simple word defined by those happy-
go-lucky assholes oblivious to the pains of the world; it
is also the drive that keeps the intelligent and able on
their path of values. this is why it is so incredibly
important that you dont' practice moral relativism. you
need your own ground to stand on before you move ahead
through the path of the real world.
and what do i mean by an optimistic path? it means to me
simply that you aknowledge the vile nature of many people
and the inequities of our society. things that you know
shouldn't happen and horrid instances that make you lose
faith in humanity are all taken in and then you make your
own view known to the world. optimism thrives on realism,
because it is lost in the face of idealism. if your
optimistic view of the world is that you will end world
hunger and stop all wars, then you will be knocked from
your path. if your optimistic view of life is that you
will volunteer in soup kitchens and fight locally for
causes you believe in, then you will stay strong in your
path and make a difference.
i guess to sum it up, i can only say that you just have to
recognize the evil in life to make a change in yourself
and the people around you. there will be those who try to
injure you and knock you down just for the pleasure of
watching you fall. the worst thing you can do to them is
just not think of them. their whole goal is that they
occupy your life with their hatred, not giving them any
room destroys that. always stay steadfast on your own
views, because the path you forge to help clear the bog of
adversity comes from within you, just make sure that what
you exude is optimistic integrity.