taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2004-08-13 03:45:06 (UTC)

CriExZeN must die!

Some times fun things can be stressful. Like take for
instance video games, or for arguments sake, love.

Love is a lot like video games... you keep getting killed
by the same damn guy no matter how many bullets you feed
into his camo exterior. Much like love, regardless of what
you put into it - be it a little, medium, or lot - you
will still be left bleeding and broken. Take it from a
vet, it's undeniable.

Ok, thats enough about love. Cupid, you're a fucking shit.

Swearing, now that's where relaxation lies. Man, when you
are stressed out just kick back with your favourite string
of foul language and you my friend are on the fast track
to the relax inn. Ya.

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