Marco Jacksonovic

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2004-08-13 01:49:12 (UTC)

Is It Wrong Not To Always Be Sad?

No its not wrong, but I must add.

What I want to know is whether its a problem with me that
makes me more susceptible to be annoyed with the person
(outside my family) I've known longer than anyone or whether
its them.

I've got a suspicion its a combination of the two - its a
mutual incompatibility thing, I don't like a lot of the
things he does, and I'd rather spend time with his friends,
or friends of mine of his age - indeed, he's started to
spread lies about me to his own friends to discredit me in
some way - easily refuted, but needless nevertheless.

I don't think its me, I think I'm being gradually worn into
a bitter and resentful person - through no fault of my own -
I've now got a red sauce (not tomato sauce, its Aubergine
based, but a sauce, and red) all over my bed, and I await
the discovery of the red wine stain to accompany it.

I think its his constant lack of respect for anything and
everyone that really annoys me - more than anthing. He's
going to dump his girlfriend of 3 weeks tomorrow because he
thinks he might "pull someone fitter at the pub" tomorrow

I KNOW I'm meant to be like a guardian, but, honestly, the
straw will eventually break this camels back.

FAULT - I put an apostrophe in 'camels'. How embarassed am