Too Much to Say
2004-08-12 03:40:11 (UTC)

God, give me one more month of summer!

i think this is the first time in my entire life i have
been dreading the close of summer. it's usually something
i'm anticipating, ready for, longing for. but not this
year. nothing in me wants to return to school. except for
a few close friends, i have nothing calling me back. it's
very disheartening.

i have to say goodbye to the greatest thing that's ever
happened to me. well, not goodbye forever, but goodbye for
the moment. i don't want to leave him. we're so pathetic,
we can't even be apart for a day without missing each
other...a couple hours even. it's actually really funny,
because we know we're pathetic. we're not disillusioned or
obsessed with each other, we're just so in love, and have
no reason to want to be apart. especially since we know
we've only got a few days left.

i must be going now. insant messenger is beckoning me.

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