2004-08-11 19:38:15 (UTC)

Rickrack Apron

I found an old fashioned yellow gingham apron with rickrack
at the Folk Club a while back and put in the drawer but wore
it today while I did some baking. I did it early to avoid
having the stove and oven on during the hottest part of the
day. Still, it was 80 degrees before noon which foretells a
very hot day.
John's sister phoned to give us the rather terse news that
my father-in-law came through his knee replacement surgery
fine. Well, we weren't too worried about the surgery
itself. The worrisome part will be his recovery, not only
because of his age but because he's diabetic. Blood clots
and an infection that won't heal are probably the two most
likely serious complications. Perhaps she was surprised at
my quiet response to the news she gave us but then
this was the woman who ignored the death of my brother
and the more recent one of my mother and had nothing kind or
comforting to say to me when our youngest son faced life
threatening heart surgery. We had good reasons not to tell
her about my first husband and daughter. I did pass on her
news to John and the boys.
I plan to spend the rest of today quilting and reading.