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2004-08-11 14:55:05 (UTC)

8.11.04 Actually about 8.10.04

Haha I have come to notice that my diary entries have
become a bit too profound, I would say. I never really talk
about the day! And it's not like interesting things dont
happen to me. Well, today, I will sit here and tell you
what happened to me yesterday.
Well, I woke up around 9 I think, as my friend Antron
from Lansing sends me a text message telling me to sign on.
Eh, sure, it's early, but he's a friend. So we try for a
loooong time to get this multiplayer game setup in which we
create our own server and are able to play eachother in the
very same game. I dare say, it's wonderful when you succeed
at something that you have put a lot of time in, even if it
is as insignificant as a PC videogame console.
What else? What else? Oh, well tha Triad texted me
from the mall and ask if I want to go with them to get a
salad. Yeah, I was tired but I, in the words and chords of
Queen, "just
gotta get out, just gotta get right out of here." ----the
house, that is. So Rod drives over and we head to Fazolis,
all the while discussing the usual array of topics. Haha a
lot of funny things happened. Apparently before I get in
the car, Rod tells Ed how he turns his music off when
passing cemetaries. Haha all three of us notice the
cemetary to our right, and Ed and I automatically
interrogate Rod, as his "Outkast Greatest Hits" was playing
with some "thump" if you feel me. Haha he says "no, that
wasnt a cemetary, it was a golf course", and then later
admits that he knew it was a cemetary. It was one of
those "had to be there" moments. There seemed to be a lot
of those....
Haha the Fazoli's experience was one in which all
three of us, particularly Rod, held it down. I personally
think that we deserved to get kicked out haha , we were
being so obnoxious. After we had ordered our salads, we
were lookin forward to some FREE breadsticks.... fazolis
has this breadstick lady that walks around and brings you
hot and delicious breadsticks. So Ed and I begin subtly
hinting at breadsticks by saying things, with moderate
volume, such as "So do they actually BRING the breadsticks
to you??" to, ya know, throw hints that the three cats ova
there wanna be on some breadsticks. Haha and then, out of
nowhere, mind you, Sherod says something that goes in Triad
Hall of Fame:
which was followed by abrupt and consistent laughter.
Haha and it is not like he said it to Ed and I: he made
full eye contact with the breadstick EVERYONE in
the restaurant heard him...I saw the caucasians' jaws drop.
At that point, Ed and I had lost control. I remember myself
choking on whatever I was eating and Ed had to get up and
pace a while....easily the funniest moment in a while...Rod
was being so crunk and ignorant. And THEN the breastick fe
actually walks over, askin us if we want breadsticks. all
of us at this point had lost our self control, and then
Sherod actually asks her for 4 BREADSTICKS!! Quite the
scene in Fazolis!
Then, we proceeded to chill in Rod's car for like an
hour, doing absolutely nothing. Listening to ringtones and
this decent song by Red Hot Chili Peppers called "Road
haha Ed gets a phone call from you-know-who and
immediately begins fumbling for the door handle to obtain
privacy. Haha it was like he saw the name on the phone and
automatically was lookin for the door handle. So Rod, Ed
and I finally go into Rod's house, freestyle (Pool beat!)
and play pool (I beat Rod!) and discuss party atmospheres.
Haha funniest thing there was all of our imitations of the
square guy at a party...."don't huurt me naH!"
haha....again, had to be there.
Then, I go home. I went online and talked to K-Torch,
Jennifer, Leann, and my cousin...I don't think anything
particularly interesting came out of any of those convos.
That concluded the night! I then faded away listening to my

PS. For all those LiveJournal users, you thinnk you're so
cool just cause you can choose your music! Well I'm an
inventive nig! Take this!

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