the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
2004-08-10 16:33:31 (UTC)

coming out of the shadows

hey all sorry im sure everyone thought i went into hiding
or something... but im just working at red lobster as a
bartender and a server chillen in indy lovin every minute
vacation starts saturday going to florida i cant wait

****news flash*****

all my friends are getting married come on you all i dont
want to end up a lonely old hag id like to be caught up a
little but i guess atleast kyle and i are still working on
this relationship thats a plus for now

my niece is having open heart surgery in september the 3rd
and 4th chamber of her heart isnt connected she was born
that way and if theydont fix it now she could have a
massive heart attack at like 25 she is only 3 now but we
all know it will turn out fine my brother/her dad went
through the same thing at 3

got a kitten to keep me company when kyle is away but that
normally keeps him away i didnt think to clearly about this
when i got her he is allergic to cats plphhhhht ;-P

well im off to buy my books for school
so take care

muah my love to all