Goodnight, Starlight.

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2004-08-10 15:59:33 (UTC)

August 10th 2004

Hewwwwo. I like just soooo pulled a muscle in my right
arm tryin to do push ups. Baha. Hurts to type.
I got home from Baddeck a week ago, today. I had the time
of my life. Really didnt want to leave, and come back to
this crapppy town. Baddeck is so beautiful, all around Cape
Breton is beautiful. Ahhh, everythin was sooo purdy. when i
left glo's mothers on Monday, when we were sayin our
goodbye's, (well more like, see ya, for now) i nearly
cryed. Care to know why? Okie. Well hense the fact ive
known them since i was like 10 or 11, then finally getting
to meet them, you just feel like you want to stop time, and
just hang out with them forever. But you cant, and the time
came when i had to leave. They're alll just wonderful
people, its hard to believe. Ive never met anyone quite
like them in my life. I am going down next summer round the
same time, again. Maybe stay for a longer amount of time. I
just hope they realize what amazing people they really are.
On Sunday, Stacey, Julia and I went down park lane and
saw a movie. Little black book to be exact. Not that bad of
a movie, better than what i expected. Julia then slept over
my house Sunday night. Plans for monday got scratched cause
she didnt wanna do anything. We was gonna go downtown to
the buskers again, because we didnt get to see everyone the
last time we went. Then we was gonna go to HMV so i could
get the cd ive been waiting for. Your Favo(u)rite Weapon -
Brand New. So my mom took me to HMV last night to get
it...Buttttttttt the friggin store was closed!!! Now, tell
me, how fair is that? So not cool.
Getting back into the spirit of my guitar, again. Ive
been practicing one song, and one song only. The Quiet
Things That No One Ever Knows - Brand New. I can play that,
and im proud. GOnna try to learn how to play Okay, I
Believe You But My Tommy Gun Don't, Still by Brand New.
They're so sexy. One of their songs is so great, Guernica.
I just found out the real pronounciation of it. Baha, ive
been pronouncing it wrong all along. Its ger-nik-a. Its
meaning type thing is amazing. "A town in the Basque region
of north-central Spain northeast of Bilbao. Its April 1937
bombing by German planes during the Spanish Civil War
inspired one of Picasso's most famous paintings". I Love it!
Well, Pauls gone camping, he left..Saturday the 7th i
tink. He wont be back till Friday the 13th....Wait! I Just
relized while typing this...Friday the 13th! Haaaaaa. beh.
I miss him very muchly. Its weird not having him online to
talk to if i needed to tell him something. Ill be happy
when hes back. The other day, he told me he's given up on
Louise. I was in shock, really. Then he tells me theres
this other girl, Jenny. When he told me some other stuff
bout her and all that, i felt weird. I wasnt Jealous. So
far from it. But its like, when i started talking to Paul,
him going out with Louise wasnt something i really had to
get used to, because he was already dating her when i
started talking to him. Then theu break up, he still
loved/loves her. So i was techically used to it. Now theres
someone new, its just weird. Thats all. I think ive
explained that correctly. Me's is gonna shut up boutt hat
Im pretty sure thats all i have to say now. Ill write
later, if i can remember. See ya