Nick's Journal
2004-08-10 03:50:00 (UTC)

What's up with the spanish channel?

so our cable network decided to take into account that
hispanics are breeding faster than a pack of whorish
gerbils locked in an 8x8 cage and have a channel just for
their needs. this channel makes me shit blood every time
i see it, not only because of the bewildering hilarious
qualities of a culture who's culture consists of adapting
to american culture, but also because i have no fucking
idea what they are saying. i watch that channel and i see
a hispanic version of american t.v. is there really no
innovative mind in all of hispanic culture to create a
show that can be solely attributed to their rich culture?
i suppose not.
when i watch this channel i must feel how some people feel
when they watch the special olympics. i mean they're all
having so much fun but you just know that there is
something simply odd. they are those who adapt instead of
create, they laugh under a veil of normality, but it just
doesn't seem the same; those smiles just crease faces as
awkward facades hiding a diminuitive demeanor learing
behind a guise.
i don't know where i can read anymore. every place i go
is littered with the chirping, annoyingly accentuated,
faultily friendly voice that pervades my every step.
i love the football season. if there is one thing to say
about americans it is that they love their football. they
are the only people who are happy with a preseason that
means jackshit, just so that they can get a taste of what
is to come. it's like an alcoholic having some alcohol-
free beer before a weekend of drinking, he loves the act
so much he'll pretend that which has no effect actually
means something.....power to the mood of manipulation.