Nick's Journal
2004-08-09 18:19:58 (UTC)

The Hardest Job

i went yachting the other day. yeah, that's right, i was
on a yacht. my father's friend has one and we just went
cruisin', along the way we made sure to run over some
black people's crabbing nets.
actually this guy is crazily liberal and he is in no way
one of those blow-hard rich guys you'd imagine piloting a
yacht. i spoke with him for a while on a couple of topics
and he really seemed genuinely concerned about the welfare
of the down-trodden, because come on, who's going to clean
his yacht if they revolt?
he and his family had that nice aire of subservance only
found in those who got money but never really planned to.
there are those morons i see on television, born into the
greatest riches the world has to offer, taking everything
they are given as a right that they have earned,
laughingly down-playing the hard battles the less
fortunate must strive through as if it were all just a
matter of "not being lazy". these people that i see on
t.v. are sickening, these young republicans who contradict
themselves with every fallacious assumption and dogmatic
utterance to their religion. they do and say what their
parents do, mainly because they can't afford to antagonize
them, then with the hint of realization of their own
inconsistency they will envelope any shabby affirmation
they have in some sort of wearily contrived guise of
of course their favorite "philosophy" is ayn rand's
objectivism. it's not a philosophy guys. it really is
not. i have to say that ayn rand is my favorite write
(only next to thomas wolfe) and i love her idea(l)s, they
are beautifully written and masterfully accentuated
through her excellent command of characters, but it has
major flaws and assumptions, and to see these ingratiates
callously call upon it as if it were their personal
justification makes me sick.
back to the yacht riding. i was on, let me tell ya, every
joke i said hit just the right note, i mean i used the
line "damn dirty grapes" and caused dolphins to come out
of the water and fart in my face laughing for pleasure. i
find that i make myself laugh more than anyone i know
(t.v. personalities included). i believe that's really
the way to see if you're the clown of the group or just
funny. see if you enjoy what you do for what you do then
you get the (business lingo here) "intrinsic value" of it
all. however if you just do shit for a laugh then you're
a clown. maybe that's why i dont' feel like stapling my
anus shut and seeing if the shit will come out of my
mouth. i'll leave that to the young republicans.