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2004-08-09 17:51:28 (UTC)

Just got home from Camp

Hey, I was at camp all week last week. It was so much fun!
I love camp, it's my favorite part of the summer. I've
been going for like 6 years, it's a blast.

Anyway, I met this guy there. He's like the most awesome
singer ever. Like, he's incredible. He sang a few times
throughout the week and every time he made me weak. It was
beautiful. I had/have this huge crush on him and I paid so
much attention to him and by the middle of the week he
started paying attention to me too. Which totally made me
happy. We didn't really talk or anything until like
Friday. Then we started talking a little bit. I told him
he did an awesome job on his solo and he said so did you
to me. But he had the hugest, cutest smile on his face. He
finally touched me for the first time on Saturday, it made
my whole body tingle! All it was was he put his arm around
me for like a nanosecond, but it felt really good. We had
a little party that night and I had planned to try to hook
up or something, but he never got close enough for me to
even really talk to him, but whatever. Then the next day
was our last day, so I figured I had to lay it on a little
thicker so maybe then he'd get the point. I smiled at him
a bunch and he seemed interested. I sat by him on the bus
and I wanted to touch him really bad, like touch his arm
or something, but I didn't really get the chance to. So,
we went to church and sang or whatever. After that
service, you could stay for the second service or you
could leave. I saw that he was staying, so I stayed too.
My friend Sarah and I went and sat down, I thought maybe
this guy would sit on the other side, but I guess he
didn't get the hint another friend of mine sat by me. But
I heard from a couple people that the guy I liked had kind
of a jealous look on his face when that happened.
Whatever, his loss. So, then we get back on the bus and I
had an empty seat next to me. I thought maybe he'd sit by
me, but he passes my chair and sits by Sarah, WHAT? I was
turned around looking right towards him anyway, and he
wasn't quite ignoring me either. Sarah was talking about
me anyway, so he couldn't really get away from me. lol. He
loved it though. So, we get back to camp to eat lunch and
FINALLY he gets it. He sits by me and eats lunch with me.
He's like this is our last lunch here. (It is sad.) So, he
sits by me all through lunch. They do announcements and
thank yous and I had my legs crossed right by his legs and
I wanted to kick him or something, flirt with him, but I
didn't get the courage up to do it. So then he moves the
chair so it's between his legs and he's on it backwards
and he's leaning back like almost right on me. lol. I was
like who this is kind of hot. He looked back for a second,
I think to see where I was or something. He was like right
there. I wanted to put my arms around him or something,
but yeah you shouldn't do that in public at a christian
camp I guess. Then we got to hold hand during this song.
Oh my gosh, I don't know whether it was caffeine or what
but his hands were shaking and not just a little bit. My
ex-boyfriends used to do that in the beginning, because of
nerves, I just made him nervous. So it made me suspicious.
So, we went back to the church and did all that stuff and
at the end you can either leave to go home form there or
go back to the cabins to get you stuff and leave from
there. He asked me what I was doing, I was like going back
to the cabins, he's like me too. So, a group of us is
standing there and he's by me but a little bit over from
me, so I leaned into him, flirting, but he barely caught
me, so I almost fell on the floor, but he did catch me and
put his arm around me and kind of hugged me for a
second. I was like STAY THERE, but he didn't. We got back
on the bus, got back to the cabins and I told Sarah to
tell him to say good-bye to me before he left, they were
in the same cabin. So, I'm taking stuff out to the car
thinking, he's not gonna do it or sarah didn't say
anything. Then like 15 minutes later, he's walking around
outside of his cabin, with his hands in his pockets, so
cute. lol. But I went back in the cabin, because I got
really nervous for a second. My mom's in the cabin
yelling, he's waiting for you out here ohh he's going back
to his cabin. I'm like ok whatever. But then the next time
I go out, he's talking to my mom. Asking her why we never
got to know each other before and stuff. But we talk and
he moves closer to me. Just talking and having fun. So,
then we're like well we better go and he gave me a hug, it
was too quick again though and I told him to Keep In Touch
and he said Yeah. Then my mom says let us know when your
doing stuff (he's in operas and stuff or something) and he
said yeah definitly. Mom says I love staying in hotels and
stuff and he says You can stay with me, I have a house. I
was thinking Score. lol But then we left. It was sad, cuz
I totally liked him.

Ok, here's Part 2. We're at a choir camp. He could have
totally had me the whole time. I was totally flirting. He
either didn't get it, is gay, or was nervous around me or
something. I think he did get it. I know gay guys. One of
my good friends is one. This guy didn't seem gay to me.
There's that possibility that I was pondering the whole
time, and he never felt gay to me. But there is that
chance I guess. He is a musician. He was checking me out
too, so I don't get it. My mom thinks he was just totally
chicken around me. He was so nervous, he didn't know how
to act or what to say. Which I think I agree with. I think
that's what it was. He lives like 5 hours away from me, so
I guess it doesn't matter anyway, but he was totally cool,
a cutie, and I guess I'll have to wait until next year to
try again. So, there you have it. My week was a total
blast and I want to go back!!!

One more thing. I came back from camp weighing 120 lbs.
It's like miracle. I'm SO happy!!!

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