Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
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2004-08-09 15:47:23 (UTC)

Lots of Gigs!

Lately I've had tons of gigs, I just played the Laguna
Art Walk last weekend, at a gallery that's right at the
heart of Laguna Beach. There was so many people! And Howard
and Sheryl and Josh all stopped by to see me, which was
really sweet of them. I want to be friends with Josh, and
now I have his number, and he came to see me play, so... I
should call him and invite him to karaoke or something. Or
invite him next time we see a movie. I'll definitely invite
him to my gigantic private 21st birthday karaoke party at
Timeout Tavern. It's going to be huge... hopefully :o) I
guess that'll depend on how much money we have for food at
the Tavern.
Only 2 weeks left of work, then I'll be working for
Ryan. Yay!! School starts in 2 weeks too, but I'm not too
sad, because it's just going to be one math class and one
classical guitar class. Easy. And I've already taken half
of the math class, so in the beginning, it'll basically be
just review for me. I always picked up math really well
Gini and Ernesto were both in Amsterdam at the same
time, and I think they'll both be back this week. I'm glad.
I missed them. I missed Tiff too, who went with Gini. We'll
have to get together and party this weekend. Make up for
lost summer time :o)