Ali Davis

One Day At a Time
2004-08-09 15:16:02 (UTC)

Some thoughts

A little rambling so that i can focus on work...

1) Boys are so weird. Maybe its me. Maybe i just haven't
met my match yet. Maybe I have. *shrugs* Anyway, I like
being straight forward about things when it comes to ther
people. And its a secret weakness of mine when a man is
the same way. of course, I've realized that i require a
certain level of safety with that particular man b/c if it
were up to me... things could get rough. ;) Someday some
man will rock my world and in a way.. that could be a guy
worth getting involved with. :) There's nothing more
sexually exciting to me than a man that can take control of
me. Pin me down, smack my ass, tell me i like it, make me
say your name. i think you get me drift. But i know that
i want someone who has enough emotion towards me to hold
me, cuddle with me, tell me they genuinely love me and
remain in awe of my beauty. I guess I want the total
package. Its not a bad thing, i want to be able to give
the total package. But guys nowadays don't really know what
they want. And even when they do.. they don't do anything
about it.

2) My job is sooooooooooooooooooooo boring lately. I hate
coming to work to sit in front of the computer. I guess
things will start getting interesting soon. i hope they
do. My work will begin to suffer b/c of boredom, its been
known to happen with me.

3) I decided that since all the college kids have gone
home, now is the prime time to seek part time employment.
Gonna head back over to my old Target and see what they can
do for me. i'll take $7.85. Every little bit helps. And
maybe they'll give me a raise. i'll check out some other
places too. I've never worked at the mall before so I
might give it a try.

4) work is painfully boring. (i'm sure i said that already.
I just thought i would drive the point home.)

So to recap...
1)boys = weird
2)work = boring
3)part time work = money
4)work = boring

That's all for now kids!