u think u kno...but u have no idea
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2004-08-09 14:48:32 (UTC)

away next summer maybee?

summer is almost over...and i feel like i jus got out of
school!! hmm maybee b/c i jus got outa summer school lol
yea definatley not doin that again next summer. speaking
of next summer, i might go live with my grandparents in
ossippee (hick town in nh) we were drivin bak from their
house one day, and thre was an advertisment for the lakes
region performance company that said "DANCERS/ ACTORS
looked like a 3 year old who had ben handed the biggest
lollipop in the world lol and my mom was liek well u no,
it'd b the same stuff u do now, except ud get paid, and it
would count for professional credits on ur resumee if u
ever wanted to do film auditions so i was liek omg that'd
b perfect 4 me, cuz kinda getin tired of jus
doin community stuff, i wanna try sum serious
regional/national acting stuff. but...that means id b away
from manchester all summer. and i dont no if i wanna do b away from my mom n dad n sister too...and o
lord, remember wen i was at the acting/modeling/film
workshop in new york? yea... cried myself to sleep every
night, i was so homesick, and that was only 10 days....
this would b a whole summer. i dont no what i wanna do
yet. i think i might wait till i have a car, so that way
maybee if im off one weekend i could drive bak home.
that'd b better.

ahh speaking of new york, i leave for saratoga on
saturday. my daddy wats to go to the horse races n stuff n
my mom wants to shop n go to lake george and it looks real
nice, we're staying in a great hotel, and its guna b lots
of fun! yay lol cept im bringin a sleepin bag cuz there is
no way im sleepin with monica!! lol thats all for now

o ya by the way campin was great, joe checked me out the
whole time (ugh whats new) and i met a sped hahahaha!