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2004-08-08 20:32:32 (UTC)

8.8.04 Slurred Reality

I have recently been pondering the concept of how foolish
and futile this life I got here on Earth is. It's pretty
darn weird, when you view things in the Big Picture of it, as Queen's Bohemian Rhapsoday legendarily ~~not
a word) whistles "nothing really matters"...or, in the
Christian perspective,(like mine), nothing of this Earth
matters. We get so caught up in these daily events,
initiated by us, planned and followed through by us, and we
get angry (at least I do!) when stuff does not turn out the
way we want/expect it to. Reader, that just isn't right!
Honestly, I am kind of feeling the disciplinary
philosphy behind Buddhism: applying Jesus to all problems
sort of make them, well, not problems anymore. And without
problems, we should have peace. So I, for one, would like
to put into practice the concept of learning how to first
apply Jesus to everything.
I personally speculate that the problem with applying
Buddhist concepts to Christianity is the fact that Jesus
has such a huge involvement on our emotions. I mean, I've
cried over Jesus and stuff. He is involved in each and
every emotion for Christians. Our life is really him living
through us.
I suppose a large margin of this issue would be
whether or not we connect with Jesus through our emotions.
Another large part of the issue would be "Does such
discipline put a damper on our emotions?"
Do we use emotions to connect with Jesus? hmm....I do,
because I know that I have an innate desire for his
unconditional love. I think that if ANY emotional
connection to Jesus had to be kept, it would be this one.
This is not a minor thing at all, however. It's huge to
have that desire. Is it possible, though, to eliminate such
desires for everything other than Jesus? I would like to
think so, as He is the sole basis of all Christianity...

This is an issue I'd like to hear feedback on. The feedback
as of lately has been good. Keep hittin me up!