2004-08-08 06:08:20 (UTC)

dreaming maybe?

because that kind of thing doesnt happen to me...

barely known yet all i see

radical heart beat
nerves pumping blurring
is this really happening?
am i letting this happen?
are you really so welcoming?
and you are and
i'm falling fast
falling hard
no one has ever been like you
i've never allowed myself to be like this
locked in with you for so long
you smile and your eyes crease up
like someone who has soaked in life

i barely even know you
barely even know you
i already know so much
but we've barely known each other
you're in my head
in my music
in my plans for the day
but i cant go everyday
or you'll know
but soon it might be over
and i dont want to lose
what i've never let myself have before
but more than that
what no one has responded to before
in a way that makes me
risk what i had kept to myself
the ability to allow myself to take the risk