Hokwan dish~
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2004-08-07 14:41:59 (UTC)

I feel really happy today!

Hey, I post my diary lo! Sorry everybody, i didn't post
my diary for such a long time! Sorry!

Um... today is my birthday? I recieve many call today!
What a busy day! Although my family didn't celebrate my
birthday very special, but luckily, some one ask us to have
a great dinner tonight! Thanks you guys!!!

Fong Fong, thank your lovely birthday present! I really
like it!

Yan Yan, thank your present! 多謝你成日為我打扮得靚D!

Mummy, thank your present! Although it's not really a big
and expensive present, but i reaally like it!!! Thanks a
lot! You know,this is the only doll that you give me! I
really like it! Thanks a lot!

Jason, thanks your present! I love you very much!!! You
really scared me!!! But it's really a huge suprise!!!
Thanks your birthday present and your suprise!!!

Anyway, Thanks all of you!!!

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