shifting mists
2004-08-07 06:44:22 (UTC)


I’m forgettable.
I’m that person in the room that everyone sees but no one
realizes is there.
The person who speaks and perhaps is even heard
But whose presence is forgotten before she’s even left the room
Gone from the minds of others long before ever noticed.

I’m unremarkable.
No dazzling beauty.
No dazzling anything.
Just the woman in the corner with the absorbent mind
And too much wisdom
And not enough walls around her heart

I’m insignificant
Not because you made me so
You don’t have that kind of power.
It’s just the way things are
Always second best and the last in line
Always the shadow and never the flame

I’m insubstantial
Unimportant and not essential
You have truly done and admirable job
Informing me of my irrelevance
Without actually coming out and saying the words.
That’s okay, there’s really no need for you to say them

And there’s no need for you to lie either.

This is my world after all
You’re not the first to show me these things
You surely won’t be the last.
I just wanted you to know that I hear you
That my soul is not deaf

I just wanted you to know
That you will never truly comprehend just how much
You’ve hurt me.
I just wanted you to know that whether intentional
Or not
It’s exactly what you’ve done.

My heart still beats though.
I guess that means I’ll survive.
In my mind it is pathetic and sad
But I still love you.
Can you tell me why?