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2004-08-07 00:44:11 (UTC)

Petite Filous! :p!

Heylo there..! hows it goin? Am alritey aye..! Thot id cum
n write in here b4 headin off 2 bed..:p

Had quite a good day 2day up n messed about
for a while then walked 2 the centre n had a lovely wee
walk until i walked past the undertakers n there was a
funeral on n i almost started cryin :'( anyhoo..i met Emma
n Malcolm at the centre which was good..:o)! walked about
with them for a while! Emma got most of her new skewl
uniform! Malcolm n i went into shops n started singing
random things like 'Will Young' n 'Outkast' n stuff..! :)
twas well gud..! hehe!

Headed home after that n then the fightin started..fuckin
stupid lookin fuckin biach! grr..i HATE HER with a fuckn
passion! n everyone is jus like.."why do u hate her..?" n i
cant fully explain my reasons to them n then they jus think
im a total bitch coz they think i dont like her for no
reason bt its not its jus complicated to explain bt grr...!
if u kno me close enuff then ull kno the reasons n stuff..!

Anyhoo stayed in 2nite n watched big bro..:)! Twas
alritey..Nadia won..goddamit..someone who aint even British
won..! I wantd Dan 2 win from the start bt i was either
wantin Dan or Jay to win over the last few days..n im glad
Jay came in 2nd..:) i votd for him a couple of times

Well 2nite i realised i want 2 smother someone in 'Petite
Filous' yoghurt n lick it off..coz i think it was b sooo
fuckin amazin dont ya fink..!?! N aye im sure ye all know
who im finkn it wud b great 2 lick it
it...Johnny Depp! :)! MmMmMmM! lol..ok maybe maybe
more realistically..! lol..anyhoo enuff of that talk..!

I better head im gettin up early 2 go into town 2 watch the
1st Rangers game of the season! cum on ma boyos..! :D WoO!
then im headin over 2 Malcolms at nite for a party..tis
gonna b well gud..! :o)! Ill catch ye's all laters..!

- x adios x -