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2004-08-07 00:22:13 (UTC)

8.06.04 Stuff is OC

Well well well, what happened today? I'll tell you. I
was supposed to see the girl today with my cousin present
(boooo) and of course it does not work out. Does it ever? I
blame my family, who required me to go out to eat with
them. They blame me for not returning phone calls in a
timely fashion. I am very good about returning phone calls,
thank you very much. I returned all their phone calls. It
makes me sad because I feel like I am losing again. I don't
like to lose. And unlike Jay-Z, I cannot say "I will not
lose" because I have lost in the past. Well, so has
everyone. My imperfections are always misinterpreted by
what people seem to think is being laid back. I am here to
tell you, reader, that the line between being laid back and
being lazy is one of slim proportion. This lazy attitude
will get me nowhere.
So I call Jennifer back at like a quarter after 7. I
suppose that the reason the ordeal failed is not completely
my fault. Some people leave their phones at home. Some
people do not pick up when I call. But I'm not the elbow
pointer here, so allow me to lose the position of judger.
Reader, you probably have no idea what I discuss right now,
so I shall move on to much lighter topics.
Today I heard from University of Illinois
(Champagne). They are happy to have received my test scores
(ACT). Eh, whatever. The letter was positive, but I don't
know, I cannot create an opinion about them until I view
their school, I suppose. I am also sure that a smaller
community would better suit my personality, so I tend to
have a rather large bias. The relatives tell me that U of I
is a darn good school. I think the things that excite me
most about college is the chance to redraw m bouundaries,
and start over. I will no longer have the string of my past
following me, as the only thing that will effect is a
tuition fee. Not to say that this is by any means a minor
issue, it's just that everything else is so fresh. It's
exciting and scary at the exact same time.
So that's college and etc for ya, be sure to drop a
word in the box. Till then, peace.