The Sexy Blonde
2004-08-06 18:15:21 (UTC)

Tricks and Judgement

I just woke up not too long ago. Its nice to wake up in the
cold (air conditioning). Unlike at my moms house, or
atleast how it use to be. She says she keeps the AC on full
time now unless it really doesn't need to be on. Anyway, I
woke up...ate some frosted flakes...watched some Judge
Mathis....tidied up the room....and flipped on the
computer. I felt like typing up a diary entry... it goes on
like 3 sites...Someone is fucking with me....
br(ALL THE B R are breaklines from another site)
"well im not a hater but i do know that ur not pretty. i
mean we go to tha same school i should know. the way u be
flirting wiff other guys when u know ur with Jose. i guess
thats why he had to cheat on u tha night he did not come
home. my cuzin gives him major props and to think ull never
know what the fuck happened. u got played cuz of the way u
treat him. i always knew he deserved betta then some fat
july 30th,2004 7:32p.m.
Someone on another site posted this on my profile
page...and when I highlighted the name and clicked for a
search a profile came up with my picture calling me a white
hoe, and that I am evil and this and that. When I tried
searching for it again, it was already deleted. Anywho..I
think it someone from the internet just tryin to fuck with
me..soo boo hoo. I cut out a few parts and showed it to
Jose. The only person in real life that I told about Jose
not coming home that night was Nancy(Jose's cousin, 20,
stays nearby), but the only computer she has access to is
the librarys, but it says it was posted at 7:32p.m. and the
library closes earlier on Wednesdays (5p.m.), so theres no
way it could have been her. So that leads me to believe its
just some internet freak that likes to stalk me. Plus the
picture they were using came from my XXX album (nothing R-
rated..believe me)...it was just a pic of me in my swimming
Anyway, boo fucking who... I think I am going to start up
another new diary soon...I am tired
of..bullshit..drama..people...their drama...


In 10 days I am going to have my LAST FIRST DAY of school.
To me, thats hard. I can't believe I am going to be a
senior. I miss all my friends. *tear*

Anthony- gone down to the south to work
Tony- works so much-puttin time in jail
Claudia- never home
Daina- unsure
Margarita- busy but movin from place to place..lots of
Ricky- coming back to school..although I don't think hes
classified as a senior, I think he failed..I should call
him because I know he is missing his girlfriend(she moved)
Brenda- weren't that close but I still miss her
Pati- I haven't really talked to her
Janette- fuck I need to call that girl today..we haven't
spoke for weeks
Ana- she won't be out of Village Fair(deliquent school)
until Sept 1st. - and thats a maybe...
Celita- shes still in Mexico
Melody- since her cell isn't on and I don't have any other
numbers for her, I sent her a letter..hope she calls me...
Vanessa- we've been talking to each other a lot more
lately, I hope she comes to visit once school starts
Tiffany- those long distance calls are killing me so she
has to call me.......
Nancy- shes nice and all, but I just want to go running
with her..
Erica- I talked to her twice this summer..I need to call
her today
Eric & Jon- I need to call him, and his bro
Ashley- her phone is still messed up so I am waiting for
Randi to go to her house and tell her to try and call me
Randi- we spoke a few times nothing major..but I should
give her a call.
I really need to gave all these people a call once and a
while...I miss them all, and school starts in about 10
days..so...its good to know, huh..I mean..that there still
Anyway, I am excited about school. I can't wait to go to
prom, get my class ring, go to homecoming dance, anything
and everything. I want to be selected as something in the
spanish club, like secretary or something this year. I want
to buy a page in the year book, dedicated to my man for
helping me through school and a spot for my friends for
always being there for me..yep yep yep...
My classes for this year are:
English IV
Computer Science
Child Care (two periods long)
P.A.L.S. (feature teachers of America program)
Girls Athletics (actually I will be on the swimteam..go me!)

I told myself I was going to try and be in the yearbook as
much as I could for this year..and thats exactly what I do.
There will be my senior pic (1), my page I will buy(2),
spanish club pic (3), DECA pic (4), child care pic (5),
pals pic (6), and swim team (7).
Seven pictures of me total..yeah!
Thats freakin cool. Every other year its only been one
basic picture, the mandatory schoool picture...but not this
year..I thought I would make my senior year one big helluva
blow out. Plus, by getting on the swim team, I get a
letterman jacket (fuck yeah). I've always wanted one, but
you have to play a sport....and now I am gonna. So blahh
fucketty fuck fuck fuck! beeeootccchh. I feel so energetic
Last night Jose and I were talking about transportation,
and he said if he has to he will give me a ride every day,
but he is either going to try and finish working on the
cougar or trying buying this other truck this
weekend..hopefully all goes well..and he will fix the
cougar....we'll see. He said he was going to take me
clothes shopping this weekend.. all I really want is..
1. new pair of polo boots
2. new pair of reeboks
3. hoodie sweatshirt
4. purple backpack
5. a couple more folders, pens, pencils
6. two pairs of gold hoop earrings
7. a couple new bras (3-4)
8. 3 pairs of jeans (1 black, two blue-ish)
9. paint (for my bedroom...blue/white)
Thats it. Thats not too much to ask for is it?
I just want some plain jeans, some boots, sneakers, and
school supplies..and paint. LoL.
I hope he does help me out..if not its all good..

Well fuck..I think I should go now...I mean.... lucky me to
have such a great morning but a shitta-rest-of-the-day,
huh? Thats me, bad luck..or thats how I feel anyway.