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2004-08-06 15:59:44 (UTC)

Sweet Summer Corn

We've had corn on the cob with dinner for the past three
nights. No one is tired of it. It only lasts a month or two
and then we have to wait until the next summer fo rit so
we'll have it often while it's still available.
I need to pay some bills while I'm in Corvallis but I also
want to make a quick stop at the quilt shop to see if they
have a soft yellow solid fabric that will work for the quilt
I'm working on now. I've cut out all the fabric for the
blocks. Later....I looked and they only had two solid
yellows and neither will work so I guess I"ll fall back on
my second choice which is a soft blue print which reads like
a solid. I may decide to make this quilt again if I ever do
come across the yellow that I want. I did find some orange
and yarns, though, which wll work well for the pumpkin baby
hats I want to knit for charity.
I checked to make sure I have all the ingredients to make
the pies for the ice cream social. I plan to make the pies
Friday morning; the ice cream social is Saturday afternoon.
I'm going to make apple, cherry and blueberry pies plus an
extra apple pie for us.
I started the Celtic sweater but I don't like how the cables
are turning out. I think I made to use smaller needles. I've
ripped it out twice using the larger needles because it just
didn't look right to me. I'm still waiting for the pewter
buttons I ordered for it. They may arrive tomorrow or
perhaps on Monday.


I've been listening to a book on CDs (Seventh Heaven) and
finished it but I picked up a new one today at the library.
It's one I've read before--Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman.
I enjoy listening to this as I piece, quilt or knit. It's
one of the advantage of doing things by hand instead of
machine. Using the sewing machine to piece is just too much
like work to me. I find hand piecing to be very relaxing and

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