alive inside

meaningless words & thoughts of nothing
2004-08-06 04:53:23 (UTC)

Fuzz between my toes...

Dear fuzz between my toes which I will now call fluffy,
seeing as how you are mostly fluff anyways. So...yea like
anyways...dear fluffy...

how am i supposed to say this...I need to breathe and shit
so we are breaking up! This is not easy for me seeing as
how you kept my toes company. Little Blinkie and Winkie.
They will miss you dearly. But hey...this is only
temporary. I promise. In the winter, I will be with you.
Its not that I dont love you anymore, its just...well there
is someone else who can fulfill all of my desires. Yes, I
have found myself a pair of sandals. But I will be back,
like i said, just needed a break. I wont forget about the
kids. So do me a favor and wash them up a little bit before
I come back...they smell like feet.


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