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2004-08-06 00:34:08 (UTC)

8.05.04 Tha King is Back...Where my crown at?!

Never mind the title, reader, the king is still dormant,
somewhere drooling in his 16 year hibernation. I guess for
a king to come back, he'd have to have something to come
back to, ,and also for a king to come back, he would have
had to come somewhere in the first place. Neither of these
is true in the life of Pontz here...whatever I am, be it
serf, commoner, or noble, there is some authority much
greater than I. Whom? Look at the world. More importantly,
look at the heavens! It's nice knowing I lack the authority
to make important and executive decisions. It's nice
knowing that I have minute responsibilities. It is nice
knowing that tomorrow I can wake up at 2 and go to sleep at
2. I could be doing something productive with my time. I
tell you now, reader, with confidence, that I am not. I
choose not to. I
don't even think I could make myself do something
productive if I tried. I'm currently a donkey with two
broken legs. I am not going anywhere, and I am making
insignificant steps and changes in life. And, I dare say,
it feels wonderful.
Recent events? Let's see, there are not very many. I
have not really been running as I should. I'm not gaining
weight though. I can, however, feel myself losing muscle.
This would worry me more if I wasnt 16. Still 7.8% body
fat, which I hear is pretty swell. I'd like to see you beat
Besides that, I have been walking places and spending
money. It's now August, and less than three weeks before
school, which means my education and vocabulary has been
sliced to a minimum, as I have put down my dictionary and
picked up my videogame controller. Vocab is to a minimum,
and I've been circulating around the same few big words.
You may consider it sad, a travesty, a lack of life. I,
friend, call it quite the contrary. It is living on the
brink of stress-freeness. I am glad that right now I am
Alix Coupet, and I cna say I would not rather be anyone
else. I have 0 major concerns right now. School is
starting, but so what? Let the Senioritis begin. And if you
read this and you think "that's a shame Alix, do something
with yourself", then I have rather unpleasant news for
you, ,which may further damper your opinion of me. Here's
the news.
" "
I'm too lazy to dignify you with a worded response. Peace.