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2004-08-05 15:04:40 (UTC)

where r u..?!

Heylo! hows it goin..? Am not 2 bad..kinda in pain bt i
cant really reveal why on here..:p lol..well i cud bt ppl
read this n i jus shudnt..! its not really interesting
anywayz! lol..:p

Well the tickets for the Scissor Sisters are sold out n
Emma n i are gutted..! it well sucks coz they are amazin n
i wanted 2 c Jake prance about on stage in his little tight
suits that he looks lovely in..! n i also wanted to dance..
:o(! try 2 get tickets for the Barrowlands and Corn
Exchange bt they are both sold oot..! och wells..*hopes
they put on another date in Glasgow*! :p Aw well..there
still Blink..Mcfly..*LoL*..and Lostprophets of course..:o)!

Today i went out with ma wee godchildren..aww they are soo
lovely..! hehe..We went for lunch 2 Pizza Hut which was
well tasty..! :) mm..then they went for a shot on the
slidey thing n stuff..n jus random things that 5 year olds
do..! cant believe they are gonna b startin skewl in 2
weeks..! its crazy! I can still remember them being born n
being at their christening with me holdin Sarah..craaazee
stuff..! :) anywayz..aye i had a gud day!

Am gutted coz i aint really heard from Cammie..:(..hope hes
not pissed at me for anything..dont think ive done anything
that he can b pissed at anywayz bt aye..After readin
Alisons diary im scared 2 fone him incase hes in major
shit..:-/ eek!

I wanna give Graeme a huge hug!
Hope ur ok hunni! :)

- x adios x -

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