u think u kno...but u have no idea
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2004-08-04 22:52:38 (UTC)


mmkay wow lots of stuff happned in the past few days and i
swear, i was randomly crying on tuesday for NO REASON cuz
i was jus so emotional over everything that happned....
pops was in the hospital...again. it was the same time as
the last time, he had liquid in his lungs and he couldnt
breathe, so my nana called an ambulence monday mornin. the
timing was horrible, cuz my cousin and aunt n uncle were
up from D.C. and my aunt maggie is livin with em till she
finds a house..and my uncle mark is livin there too..he
got kicked out of his house for drinkin and stuff...and
trina was down with her mom from maine. it sounds like
alot, but there are always alot of people at my
grandparents. (these are my dads parents). even when we
were livin there, it was alwayse like there were more and
more guests. but anyway, ya...pops...the scary thing is,
hes one tought irish mothafucka! he ran away from the
hospital so he could go to the track and bet on a
horse....this was 15 hours after his double bi-pass
surgery... it just makes you close is he to
the end of his lifeline? how much more does he have? could
this be it? no.. hes not done with his goofin off and
gettin in trouble down here yet. but i heared he was home
from the hospital today, so thats good.

monday night me n trina went to canobie, and she slept
over...cuz needless to say, there wasnt enough room at
nanas and her mom left. ugh! it makes me so mad that she
smokes! its like helloo! look at pops! why do you think
hes in the hospital so much? look at my dad! look at ur
own mother! why do u think she had her stroke, look at
auntie anita, shes 41 and she already had a close-call

then i went over pauls last night and watched the mothman
prophecies...whoaa freaky shit i saw like 32 moths on the
way home....not cool lol hes so great. i love that guy to

i cant wait to go camping this weekend its guna b so much
fun!! jeanne sed we might b able to stop at coach on the
way up (YES!!) thats all for now!

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