2004-08-04 15:33:25 (UTC)

A littel backlash...

I was talking to Bryan. He wanted to hear both sides to a
story he heard from Misty regarding my time in Middleton.
I asked what kind of story he had been given so far and I
would respond to that because I didn't want to just give
out a lot of repeat info, but as it turned out, he ogt a
pretty twisted around version of the story that, of
course, made Misty look like she did nothing and I'm just
the bad guy. Basically, the version I heard she gave was
one where everything was just fine until I deleted my
files off her computer and then I was kicked out and she
is all distraught and given up on men and so on and so
forth. Quite a deviation from the reality of events, but
it isn't like I expected anything different.

I gave him a real account trying to not just be the
typical emotive response type of response where one would
try to make a "spin" where they are made out to be the
victim or something. I just tried to keep it objective,
and left it as something I'm not looking at again. Too
much time wasted in that arena in the first place.

Oh well. No matter what she tries to do to CHANGE the
story - two things remain true. She left me in the first
place and created the problems from a year ago on her own -
and she was the one who decided to bring all that stuff
up again a year later which is why I got upset and wanted
to leave. She can pretend I was kicked out after the fact
all she wants. Why would they drive down to the bus stop
to see me before I left if I was kicked out? All they did
was bring Ceolia down to say good bye while Misty made
empty meaningless apologies for her behavior - but I guess
after the fact, she would like to make it look like I was
kicked out - maybe because I didn't just say "oh that's
ok, I accept your apology over this stuff for the
hundredth time" - why should I keep listening to apologies
for behavior she keeps repeating? Seems to me that if she
was sorry she wouldn't keep doing it, but she does, so
what else can I possibly do to end further repetition
besides not have anything to do with her - I'm basically
removing the possibility of yet another repeat
performance. Oh well, it isn't like it is an easy
decision to make - it isn't like I don't wish it was
otherwise. It isn't easy for me to lose a friend.

But the more I hear about her altering the story, the
easier it gets... It just reminds me of the BS I'm
leaving behind me.