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2004-08-04 03:28:48 (UTC)

Good News

Aimee had called me last week to tell me her 19 year old
son's National Guard unit was calling for volunteers to go
to Iraq next month and that he planned on volunteering.
"Why should a married man with children go in my place?" he
asked his mother. Today she called to tell me it appears
that there will be enough volunteers with more senority than
her son so he may not be going after all. She understands
his disappointment but when she told me last week it looked
like he'd be going she understood my mixed reaction-- "I
don't know whether to offer congratulations or say I'm sorry."
The scrap quilt I'm making has ten inch blocks and I plan to
set them seven by eight which makes a total of 56 blocks.
I've finished 24.
We're heading into our traditional summer meals now-- a
little meat with a lot of fresh vegetables eaten outside on
the deck. I'm still looking in the newspapers for
blackberries but they aren't available yet and probably
won't be for at least another week or so, probably not in
time for me to make a blackberry pie for the ice cream
social which is this Saturday. I've promised three pies and
have decided on apple, blueberry and cherry. But blackberry
pie is what I'm hankering for.
At church on Sunday there's a time when members of the
congregation can share their joys and concerns. I don't
know if larger churches do this but it works well in ours
where the average attendance is between 25 and 30 people.
Among the prayers requests this week was one from seven year
old Benjamin who asked for prayers for his cat, Stripes,
who's losing weight and seems tired all the time. So we
prayed for our soldiers and peace in the world and those
suffering from cancer and recovering from surgeries and
offered prayers of thanks for all the little children at
vacation bible school and all the beautiful flowers and
wonderful food God has made for us and we also prayed for