Nick's Journal
2004-08-03 23:20:15 (UTC)

Ich bleibe Troy

new terror threat everybody, get under the desk. i saw
fahrenheit 9/11. eh. it was an illogical appeal to
emotions, but it definetly pissed me off. basically it
didn't make me hate bush at all, i mean if i'm to hate
politicians for a lack of integrity, well then i'd be an
overzealous old fart. ironically enough that i'm willing
to give the one trait i think is the most important. i
mean it's just realism.
oh well. i bought the 9/11 commission report, pretty
interesting. thus far it has told me not to sit back.
now i in no way condemn thus in the airplanes. god if i
could imagine one horrific instance it would be what death
they had. but still i hope that now people storm the
cockpit and give them a good old american ass-kicking.
that's what great countries are made of, a national
identity that courts people into a frenzy. dangerous at
most times.....yes....always effective if someone tries to
kick your ass.....yes.
anyway i was in barnes and nobles reading some of the book
when i heard some snoring. next to me was this guy all
nicely dressed, sleeping like there was no tomorrow. he
had a mystery novel slipping down his oblong belly as it
heaved up and down. i started to snort laugh and then i
couldn't help it i burst out. he let out the biggest
snore in the world. and to my defense this 8 yr. old girl
giggled insanely too. the guy just kept right on
"do you want this position in our firm?"
"yes, i really do?"
"do you want it because you need it, or do you need it
because you want it."
"du hattest gute zeiten, wir waren mit dabei
wir werden dich begleiten, wir bleiben troy
du hattest schlechte zeiten und wir war'n auch dabei
wir werden dich begleiten, wir bleiben troy"
"fantas vieeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"