2004-08-03 18:46:45 (UTC)


WHOAAA! My third day off the ENTIRE summer... so yea, i
could only sleep in till 11, bc im so used to getting up at
like, 7. so yea, i've just been laying around all day, its
now close to 3 and im still in my PJ's... i love this
feeling. there are a few things i want to accomplish today.
1) go running (which im getting ready to do now) 2) go to
the tanning bed (i gotta look like i actually spent some
time outside this summer when school starts lol) 3) do
laundry (NO CLEAN CLOTHES WHATSOEVER) 4)pick up my room (im
beginning to forget what my carpet looks like) 5) watch
plenty of TV and stay in PJ's as long as possible (i have
to enjoy these days bc they are so rare) lol, so those are
my plans. not a difficult day at all!

YEA so i took my application up to journeys yesterday, and
the store manager wasn't there, so i gave it to the other
manager... i have a feeling in the pit of my stomach that
Tony isn't going to be calling me back anytime soon. SO, i
should call, but im not like that. oh well

im going to get back to doing nothing.. i liek that
feeling, lol


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