Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2004-08-03 12:34:14 (UTC)


Its getting me down now, days are dragging, I feel pointless
and directionless - I'm neither achieving nor learning
anything during my days. Its good for a while - don't get me
wrong, I'd be properly agitated to not have the cricket
available for the watching, but I could always catch the
highlights and be doing something productive with my time.

Its just that really. The routine is shot - I know some
people think routine is just a way to get old (they're
wrong). Think about routine...its the way days are formed,
without it, it becomes a time jigsaw with little pieces
slotting into one another but with minimal purchase, and
your life becomes disjointed and unfulfilling. What's the
point of doing something if you'll never come back to it -
in whatever format, be it physically or in reminiscence.

Anyway. That's my gripe over, I've got my eye on a job
that's 37 hours one week and 20 the next. That'd be ideal,
and I could see myself getting used to it. As to whether I
get it. If I don't I just try again. THIS is what I
needed/need, something to be aspiring towards, something to
work at so my days all have a purpose - even the ones where
I don't do anything, they fill in the gaps between such
things. If there's just a huge chasm of nothingness, THAT'S
the depressing thing.

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