The Sexy Blonde
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2004-08-02 21:25:43 (UTC)

Ha. Sex can be great.

Well, last Friday Jose and I had some crazy sex, I mean..he
ate me out like he was eatin pie, for real. I love him to
death, but I had no idea he had been drinking while he was
at work, and to me...that meant the only reason why he did
it was because he was intoxicated, but hell we did have
some really great sex. Normally, everynight we have spoon
sex,-meaning- He is behind me but laying down and I just
tilt forward a little and he does what he has to do to
come....but..yeah. Friday night..to me was amazing, he used
his tongue in various extreme but sexual places, and I
liked it. I haven't much had time to write about me life or
my sex life so everything will be in this entry, starting
off with all the sex.
First that night happened right? Then the next night I just
happened to be very horny and I rode him- but not hard and
wild..I just...went very soft and it made me come pretty
quick, but I loved having him there sucking on my boobs,
and holding my arms while I kissed his neck..I love that
kind of play. But anyways, I then got on my 'rag' so for
the next week I shall not be 'playing' with him....

...but...I sure teased the heck out of him the last two

Anyway, I am going to be selling Mark products, if your
interested, check out Meetmark.com. Its a really great
product. They sell purses, perfumes, make-up, lotions,
creams, certain body wear, and jewelry. Its a really great
company, and hopefully I will bring in a lot of profits. I
think this would be something really easy to enjoy doing.
Or atleast I hope so.

Freddy is still off at school, and unfortunately he messed
up a lot of things for a lot of people. Jose is going to
have to turn off all the phones because his brother turned
the bill to about $600.00 and they don't have the money to
pay it. Because of all those late night conversations of
long distance with his girl, I now..don't have a chance at
getting a phone before school starts, and now my baby isn't
going to have his cell phone.

I can't believe school is going to starts in 2 weeks...
fourteen fucking days.... FUCK. F-U-C-K-I-N-G S-H-I-T.
Thats bad...because I haven't got new glasses/contacts, or
bought any new clothes or anything. Jose made me feel
really bad about my weight too because, last night we went
to the movies..well..before we left the house I went to put
on my jeans..my jeans that-I-haven't-worn-all-summer-jeans,
and shit..they were really tight..... so...thank God I am
trying to lose weight. Nancy (Jose's cousin) comes to pick
me up every night at 7:20p.m. and we go
running/jogging/walking at the park. I need to loose
atleast 10 pounds before Sept. 1st, and a total of 25
pounds before Dec 1st. No more cokes/sodas, or tortias. I
need to drop all the fatty foods, and thats what I have
been doing for the last 2 weeks, and my tummy is HUNGRY!

Anyway I only got 5 minutes left here at the library, I
should get going. I am going to keep this diary updated
more ...I know I need to.

if you read it, I am curious as to how many people actually
read it. Come on, do me this favor!

-Love me-