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2004-08-02 15:29:08 (UTC)

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Why heylo there..! Hows it goin? Aint wrote on here since
friday i think it was wen i was going on about
man that was a gud time on the radio! lol..was hefty
chuffed..! :o) anywayzz!

Aye Friday nite at the key was gud..i was a judge! woO! All
the bands played really well..Bladderpatch got thro n i
thought that they did deserve to go thro coz overall they
put on the best show of the nite..:o) so well done 2 them!

After that back 2 Cammies which was a gid nite..Lisa n i
got drunk n wasted on they are such funny
things..! Ran about n danced for a while..and 2 Mr Gareth
we aint fannies..n actually lying on the floor in the
kitchen was part of our dance 2 'Takin Back Sunday' so dont
give me none of it..:P lol!
Woke up in the morning with an almighty fuckin hang over at
like 7.30..i was soo up n had to go for a wander
coz if i lay in bed any longer then i was goin 2 b so
ill..:-/..went back 2 bed n had 2 b careful on which way i
lay incase i was jus sick! it was horrrible..altho i was
tryin not 2 think about being sick so i was thinkin hunners
of different things Florida..Disneyland
Paris..Wales..Dolphins..Miami..etc..! it was feckin crazy n
i was thinkin about all these images as they were goin thro
ma head at like 100mph! twas crazy! Lisa was also feelin
very ill in the morning wen she got up..:(..

Anywayz came home n watched the Rangers game which was a
gud fiery game bt im gutted we lost..ach wells..we came 3rd
in the tournament as we beat Feyanord in penalties yday!
yass..! :p hehe..Went round 2 Lisas at nite n
Ross..Mark..Ben..Lisa..Chaz n i went out to the secret park
then up the square for a bit b4 i headed home coz i was
feckin shattered from havin no sleep durin the day..!!

Went 2 ma dads yday n had an amazin dinner..:p mmm! At nite
i stayed at Emmas bt went 2 the skatepark for a was
pretty we went down to OLD FortWinkyDinky..wen it
used 2 b back in the old its a shitty park that
doesnt even make sense..a wis ragin! lol..all the memories
back there..*thinks*..och wells..! Went back 2 Emmas n
watched 'Down to You'..twas alritey..yer kinda typical love
chick story..!

Today iv jus went down the centre n got sum stuff n an
amazin lunch at O'Briens..mMm..twas hefty gud! Then came
home n slept for a while..n js been on here..! i gotta wait
till Malc finishes work 2 c if he still wants to go 2 c
Forgotten 2moro since nobdy else is goin n if he or
Jonathan dont go..thn im fcked n goin by maself..ahh! :o(!
ach wells..!

- x adios x -