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2004-08-02 04:51:46 (UTC)

umm ya

yea... so family situation, still isn't looking up. The gap
in my relationship w/ my parents is getting bigger and
bigger every day. i was offered a job at the store
Journey's in the mall (shoe store) and i called my parents
to tlel them the good news and the response i got was "OK?"
like they didn't even care. I wish i never told them,
because i have decided to keep EVERY detail, every bit of
good and every bit of bad news from my parents. they dont
deserve to know whats going on in my life. Why am i doing
this you might ask? yea well, its because they are doing
the SAME thing to me. My ADULT parents are acting SO
childish its ludacris. The whole house situation, i am
NEVER informed of whats going on, but at this point,
honestly, i don't care. It's their probelm, so, fuck them.

anyways... brett gave me flowers the other day!!! He does
such wonderful things sometimes, its amazing. He said he
did it bc i've been going through all this stuff w/ my
parents, i'm so glad i have him to help me through all of
this, I couldn't ask for anything else in my life but to be
with him and to make HIM happy.

UHH i bought shoes the other day from pac sun! they are
gray suede w/ pink details... they are etnies... (i think i
spelled that right) they are really cool, i like them. and
im SO pumped if i take that job at journeys bc im def.
buying like 4 pairs of shoes right away, and that watch i
REALLY want, and a few purses, lol.

ah, i played tennis tonight w/ brett, i was SO mad at
myself. i couldn't freakin play to save my life. my serve
was WAY off, but i think it was because my shoulder was
killing me. everytime i would serve i would feel my
shoulder grinding, it hurt really bad but i sucked it up.
julie (my tennis coach) is WAY pissed at me because all
this summer i have been unable to make any practices. oh
well, she can kiss my ass at this point. w/ wendy going to
GSP this summer, there is NO way in hell that we are going
to be as strong as a doubles team that we have been in the
past. but it doesn't really matter to me, i haven't played
in any tourneys this summer, and plus, we've both given up
the idea of getting full rides to play tennis in college.
so therefore, it goes along w/ my idea of half assing my
way through my senior year. i mean, its been my plan since
i started high school, so i can't go changing things now,
can i? haha.

well, here it is 1 in the morning... and i have to get up
at 6:30... i'm screwed.. lol so im out


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