alive inside

meaningless words & thoughts of nothing
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2004-08-02 03:54:39 (UTC)

living in lies

Its been a while since I’ve written and a lot has
happened, with Daniel I found out the he is a compulsive
liar, I found out I can trust Shawn to take us to Chicago,
I found out that me and Nicole can really not like Greg
sometimes, and I found out that nick doesn’t like us any
more lol. Yea I found out all that stuff in like 2
weeks….well I found out more but I don’t remember it right
now…lol wonder y….anyway I got really sad yesterday when I
was kinda talking to Holly and Eric they told me that Dan
told them that we slept together. They said he told a lot
of people we did. That makes me sad to know cuz I didn’t
know that he would ever do that I kinda feel like I don’t
even know him. and Shawn told me Daniel has been talking
all kinda shit bout us like how he don’t like to hang out
with us, that we are like stalking him cuz we call a lot,
and a bunch more shit that isn’t true I kinda wanna hate
that guy right now but there 4 some reason I cant Nicole
does and for good reason but I just cant maybe because I
know somewhere in him he is really nice and so sweet
wouldn’t talk bad about anybody ever but maybe all those
things we fake maybe it was all an act to get me to fall
for him….well guess what it worked he has my heart and I
want it back. You don’t understand every time I c him I
still get those weird feelings inside those things I didn’t
want to feel anymore cuz I know he is all fake. Yea so I
kinda really wanna hate that guy he is like all the rest
but worse. I dunno I thought he was different but once
again I was wrong.

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