"Day-z H"
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2004-08-01 20:48:44 (UTC)

"Simply....ummmm.....WOW!" August 1st, 2004

Last night was GREAT! Well it started off with me,
Freedom, and Shawn drinking. At first we were just
answering questions and figuring bills. We drank for a few
hours until daylight. Then it was bedtime ( or at least it
was suppose to be). I have never seen Freedom have this
grin for so long. We were each tired...but it didn't
matter, it was just too fun. Didn't stop simply messing
around until around 3 hours later. No penatration, just
simply messing around, and I dunno, for some reason it was
just too damn good. Lol! I know, I sound awful. (Don't
worry, I am not going to share details though.) I want it
to be like that again... :)!

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