2004-07-31 14:03:38 (UTC)

Quilting and Lost Time and Vacation Bible School

John called to tell me he'd been coming home late from work
and for some reason I'd lost an hour and thought he'd called
at three and not four. "I'll be home around five." he told
me. So in my mind I thought I had another hour and a half
before I needed to start dinner. I was surprised, then,
when he came into my sewing room at four. "It's not four;
he told me. It's five!"

I'd spent the afternoon cutting and marking fabric for the
scrap quilt I'm working on. I panicked, though, when he told
me it was five. I hadn't started dinner and I needed to be
at the church at six to get the snacks ready for vacation
bible school. "No problem," John said. "I have leftovers
from lunch and I'll just barbecue some hamburgers for anyone
who wants that." Well, that worked out well.
Tonight was the last night of vacation bible school. We had
22 children, which was more than last year. Many of them
were small children--five or six years old-- but they were
all wonderfully behaved and everyone, including the
grown-ups, had a wonderful time. Every night we had a
puppet show, a bible story time, crafts, playtime outside,
snacks and singing. Juanita and I were in charge of the
snacks and we followed the suggestions made for the theme of
this year which was "Lava Lava Land". One of our teen-age
members made a volcano and the highlight of the program was
putting dry ice in it to make it look active. The adults got
lots of hugs and thank yous from the kids. Next week: the
ice cream social.