All the big things...instead of the smal
2004-07-31 08:31:12 (UTC)

The birthday

Its his birthday. Yah roy's. Birthdays always remind you of
the person all day. So ya it was really hard for me today.
I put him back on my buddylist,for a second then deleted
it. Even emailed him a happy birthday. Just to get it off
my shoulder. I even wanted to instant message him or call
him, something. So tonight i went to go hang out with this
guy paul. Hes this really sweet guy totally something i
wouldnt go for usally. But i hung out with him and a couple
of his friends. Just to keep me off him. Ive heald it out
pretty good so im sure i can do it anytime. Well shit im
drunk now and im able to not talk to him. Good times.