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2004-07-30 20:30:19 (UTC)

time goes on

long time no write.

Since the last time I've written my sister got engaged and married
and I've become fairly good friends with my sisters fiance (todd)
sister ashley.

Last week was the preping for the wedding followed by the
wedding last weekend. I met a wonderful person who reminded
me that there are truely nice, good people out there and I don't
have to settle. He took my mind of someone else whom I've cared
about and put so much effort into for years. He also helped me
realize how much he's hurt me and how much of a jerk he had
been in justifying it all. I really want this to work out. Even though
he lives so far away. Hopefully I'll get to go see him in the next few

i miss talking to him. I really need a soothing voice right now. I hate
how she makes me feel like this.

o my parents have finally gotten a divorce. My mom is quite
possibly even more hard on me now than before and we're all still
living at the same house. It gets really hard sometimes but I'm
getting through it. Sometimes barely but I am....

more later

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