Ali Davis

One Day At a Time
2004-07-29 17:36:20 (UTC)

I'm bored.

I'm at work and I'm bored out of my mind. Yes, there is
work to be done but i've been working all day. Its time
for some sort of mini vacation from the day. Most people
would call this lunch. Sometimes you need more than a meal
to satisfy your boredom. And food only makes me sleepy

Perhaps i'll find someone to chat with. Highly unlikely
but worth a shot. Anything is worth a shot at this point.

I was thinking the other day that i should start a journal
for stories and literary aspirations. I could in turn use
that as the mini vacation i usually crave aroung this time
of day. *rubs chin* Something to ponder.

I also decided that i really really want a house. I hope
my paperwork goes through.... keep your fingers crossed out
there people!

And while its weird to write about work when you're at
work... my boss awesome. she really does remind me of me-
only older, cuter, and richer. :) its cool to see what i'm
gonna be like later on in life (well, what i could be like)

Okay. i guess i've wasted enough time. Back to the grind.
Oh and- if anyone reads this.. let me know. I'd like to
think that i'm not talking to myself only... :) no need to
give incriminating evidence. :)

Later gators!