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2004-07-29 14:45:42 (UTC)

Strawberry Hubba Bubba..!

Heylo..! hows it goin? Am alritey..:o)! How much does
Strawberry Hubba Bubba rock..?! tastes
delicious then if u put 2 bit in yer mouth ye can blow
bubbles the size of yer face..! majikal! eatin a
piece jus nows so i thot i wud dedicate a bit on my diary 2

Well didnt really do much yday durin the day..jus went 2
the centre with ma mum n had lunch n stuff which was tasty
then came home n tidied my room..! my god..its soo clean n
shiny..i polished n everything..n ye can c the floor..!
Which is kinda freaky coz Michael also tidied his room yday
and polished it 2..*we were talkin about it last nite*

Last nite went up2 Malcolms for a while 2 c 'American
Pie3 : The Wedding'..hadn't saw it before bt it was
class..! thot it wud b tho..! :o)! then
Michael..Craiky..Jamie..and Donald came round..and we jus
sat n chilled .. then i left bt 1ish 2 head home..and went
down 2 the bus stop..and there was no street lights on n
the woods looked feckin i started hittin a
para..! lol..and then i foned Lisa..*superlisa to the
rescue* lol.. :o) Came home n had soup..which was
good..then went 2 bed..!

Today i havent really done woken up at like 9
with ma bro playin music in the garage..then fell asleep n
woke up with Cammie txtin me..arghh! lol..Sucks tho..coz i
was supposed 2 c him 2day..n he was gonna head home n get
changed then head he's going oot for dinner n he
wud needa leave at like i jus said id see him 2mro
instead..which ach wells..! :o(!

Got invited to the cathouse 2nite so i mite go there n c
sum i mite jus stay in since ma mums headin away
2moro..! ill jus wait n c wat everyone else gets up 2!

- x adios x -