2004-07-29 01:27:29 (UTC)

so, heres a rant. dont know..

so, heres a rant.

dont know where to start or what really to rant about

i just walked home from the gym saying to myself over and
over he is not chris he is not chris he is not chris.

i like an idiot when to the gym early and decided to skip
yoga so i could hang out with him. mark. i mean. the dude
who doesnt want a girlfriend and the dude i supposedly dont
want to be my boyfriend. i should make this a private diary
so that by some fluke he doesnt find it and read it.

i am paranoid. about him. i am paranoid because of the
severe damage that was done to me because of CHRIS. i am
paranoid he is a liar. i am paranoid i am constructing
things in my head.