2004-07-28 21:47:40 (UTC)

The Most Valuable Knitted Thing I Own

This is the subject of thread on a knit e-list I'm on. I
could write about the fine lace christening dress and bonnet
I knit when Jack was born and which each of my sons have
worn or perhaps the little knitted argyle sweater and socks
my husband's grandmother knit for him when he was baby, but
the most valuable knitted thing I own is a garter stitch
triangular shawl made of thick black wool that my mother
made before I was born. That makes it more than half a
century old.

She told me it had once been much bigger but had shrunk when
she and my Dad had been in a canoe on their honeymoon and a
rainstorm hit and they used it to protect their heads as
they headed for shore. It comforted me through bouts of ear
infections when I was a child, its warmth was better than
any hot water bottle to keep the pain at bay. I took it out
of the cedar chest when she died last January and kept it
close to me, wrapping myself in it when I needed a hug and
there was no one home to give me one.

No, that shawl isn't particularly beautiful nor is it
particular valuable. Except to me.