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2004-07-28 05:11:39 (UTC)

7.27.04 Random Survey

Random LiveJournal Survry I figured I'd do..

Last Cigarette: Never
Last Alcoholic Drink: never haha
Last Car Ride: with Rod, meetin Ash at the bucks
Last Kiss: Ascention Convention...dont remember girl's name
Last Good Cry: Strawberry Fields by the Beatles...a song...
lol i broke down

Last Library Book: Socialism by Michael Harrington
Last book bought: I don't buy books
Last Book Read: Utopia
Last Movie Seen in Theatres: Dodgeball...
Last Movie Rented: Butterfly Effect
Last Cuss Word Uttered: havent really cussed...
Last Beverage Drank: diet 7-up cherry
Last Food Consumed: coconut and chocolate cookies
Last Crush: I'm undergoing one now...
Last Phone Call: from Dan I think
Last TV Show Watched: Seinfeld as usual
Last Time Showered: Today!! wat u think?
Last Shoes Worn: k swiss classic lo
Last CD Played: BigAL's Acoustic Mix
Last Item Bought: coffee at starbucks
Last Download: heh, recently been downloadin videogames FREE
Last Annoyance: look up to "crush"..i cant get a signal
Last Disappointment: see above
Last Soda Drank: see 'ast beverage drank'
Last Thing Written: in this diary, if that counts
Last Key Used: key 2 my car
Last Words Spoken: "alright Dan, take it easy"
Last Sleep: bout 17 hrs ago
Last Ice Cream Eaten: choco chip cookie dough
Last Chair Sat In: comp chair
Last Webpage Visited: