The weird and wonderful things...
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2004-07-27 23:33:15 (UTC)

So why don't we go..?! hmm! *ponders*

Heylo..! lol hows it goin? I hav no fuckin idea what my
diary title for this entry is all nobody ask! a talkin pish yet..?! hmm!

Well i really didnt do much 2day..i jus chilled about in ma
bed for ages which was good n lovely n comfy! hefty amazin!
then i chilled with ma mum for a bit n sat on here for a
while chattin etc..! fun fun!

Tonight went up 2 Marks for a while with the Bananas n
Syrup..omg..they kik ass...:o) n the artic roll..twas
pretty tasty..coz we had the bbq goin..we didnt get very
much food on the bananas were all that was
needed..mMm! Erm..jus sat n talked 2 Emma n Lisa for a
while n then came home coz there wasnt really much happenin
n if i left i cud hav got a lift instead of walkin from the
centre..:-P so i went for that one since it was gttin
feckin freezin n i didnt fancy freezin ma baws off..! :p

Aint done much since i came dinner n stuff which
was good..then chilled bt n jus came on here..!

Dont hav n e plans as of yet for Lisa sayed
she'll fone n we mibbe do ill jus wait n c! :o)!

- x adios x -

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