Too Much to Say
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2004-07-27 19:23:42 (UTC)


i feel like i have to write something. so much is
happening to many amazing, life changing things,
and i've hardly written at all. maybe that's why though,
i'm too busy enjoying life to reflect on it. it's
indescribable! everything i have ever dreamed of in a love
story, i'm getting! i'm living my dream, and i've hardly
had a moment to step back and realize it!

we went to see "the notebook" together last night. it was
such an emotional experience seeing that with him. i think
we were both a bit overwhelmed when it was over. we didn't
say more than a few words to each other in the car the
whole way home. before the movie started we got to
laughing so hard, i didn't think we'd ever settle into the
mood of the piece. but we did...i cried...of course. he
kissed my tears away. that's such a beautiful thing, by
the way.

i can't even type anymore. no words can describe what i'm
living right now. it's incredible.