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2004-07-27 18:22:24 (UTC)

well i don't know

i don't know why i am even writting i don't know why i even
exist i don't know alot of things i just know that i have to
keep going for all of the connections that i have made have
some sort of dependancy on me to keep going or else they
will cease to exist for a short peroid of time then reform
somewhere else, so if this why why whorry about existence
given all will go on without my help, sometimes it would be
nice to be a kid again to not have any worries any problems
and at other time it i snot so great. no one takes what you
have to say seriously though THEY ASKED YOU they just take
you for granted b/c you are a child andn viewed as simple
yet they really don't know what is going on beneath the
surface what turmoil or great invention that you can be
contenplaiting yet nothing can be done about this enphasis
on age age has very little to do with things as the gov have
made it out to be of such importance. this is exemplified
within my gf which reminds me of myself younger and present
yet she is only 19 and you would never know otherwise her
brilliance sets her appart from the usuall just as i when i
was that age and younger yet i am only 21 going on 22 not
much of a diff yet society thinks so the only thing that
make a diff in age is experience given that the older oyu
are the more experince you have you will posses a different
view of teh world such as i copared to mirabai i am often
bitter and realistic about things and she jovial and
idealistic i have a very watchful eye and she blind one
which seems to be gaining vision more and more i just hope
she won't have the view of lif that i posses if it starts to
deal her a bad hand this her mother has had and has now
changed her view not bitter but watchful this i have learn
from talking with her mom and this the mother has told me
and compared herself to her brighteyed offspring saying that
she too was once idealistic and still is just not as much
strange given i never brought up anythiing about this
characteristic of mirabai.

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