u think u kno...but u have no idea
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2004-07-27 18:19:14 (UTC)

things r definatley looking up..

things r definatley looking up from here on out i've
decided that im going to go bak to doing h-arts with
candace and i WILL be doing cheering, even if i do jus
make jv who cares, cuz ill have amber and nikki and all
them doin it with me, so what the hell, right?

paul is suposed to b comin over tonight, good lord, he
kiked my ass yesterday! i have 8 popped blood vessles on
my arm scratches on my bak, the works! ahh no more
wresteling on the trampoline for us!

i think im guna have jenna and kaylee over this weekend or
sumthin, i havent seen them in forever, and i miss them
soo much! but..i also miss nikki! we havent chilled sence
sebago...o and u all no bout tha shit that went down there!

well thats all for now!